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Welcome to the Glue Blog: Below the Fold

February 27th, 2015 1:09 pm

As the Glue reaches its second birthday, we are finally launching a blog. Although it seems a long time coming for us here at The Glue, if we look at ourselves in the grand scheme of things, a two-year-old is just at the start of communicating with the larger world. Two-year-olds also show defiant behavior, so lets just say we’re ready.

Like our agency, we hope this blog and our monthly newsletter will be a beautiful, meaningful place for our clients and their audiences. We plan to talk about design, great products, issues that our close to our hearts and minds and anything else that comes up. We will examine our projects as well as those of our compatriots and hopefully learn something in the process.

Once a month – or every two months – we will feature a Pet Project: something in our world that yearns desperately to be redesigned but for whatever reason – cost, complexity, inertia, all of the above – is a horrible unsightly mess. We will make that better, or start a conversation at the least.

We will also showcase our clients, as well as our work for them, because we believe in their work as much as ours.

We continually ask our team to be opinionated yet respectful, direct but not snarky and to do great work with passion and integrity, and we’ve asked them to bring the same values and sensibility to this blog. We won’t always agree but we will always have a great conversation. Welcome!

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