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Challenge Accepted

March 12th, 2015 11:29 am


When I was growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was the A-Team. The adventures of Hannibal, Face, Murdock and the one and only Mr. T as B.A. Baracus made me want to be a highly trained government fugitive (probably a good idea that didn’t happen) that drove around in a black van with a red stripe (still a chance!). The opening sequence of each episode was great  — there was the premise setting voiceover, the way the A-Team logo would animate in as the gun shots blared, and clips of each cast member in action all while the triumphant theme song played.

Around the same time, in elementary school my family got a new Macintosh computer.

There were all sort of programs and games on it, one of which was a music composer that would let you create music. Since it was the late 80s, the sounds generated weren’t all that sophisticated but a series of somewhat distinctive bleeps and bloops.

One afternoon, my cousin and I decided to recreate the A-Team theme song. Even though our musical acumen was pretty basic we were up for the challenge. First, we went to the piano in my family room and tried to figure out the correct notes. We would jot down the notes onto a blank song sheet and go to the computer and input the notes. Since the computer was in my parent’s room on the other side of the house, there was a lot of running back and forth…er, walking (sorry mom!) Eventually we were able to put together the entire song and listen to our glorious recreation of the A-team theme song. It was an afternoon well spent.

That afternoon was probably the apex of my musical production career (crazy, i know right?), but the desire to solve problems remains with me today. The beauty of being a creative is that you have the opportunity to solve problems in different ways. Sometimes I’ll grab a pen and paper and sketch out a few ideas. Other times I might go to the computer to produce something with higher fidelity. Or maybe I’ll just do something completely different and let my brain marinate on a solution in the background. Working in a vacuum is quite limiting so usually the best solution is found by collaborating with others. Each project it’s own unique puzzle to solve and that’s great because who wants to do the same thing over and over again?

So challenge accepted — whatever it may be. I’m in. Are you?

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