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I have no idea. And it feels great!

March 12th, 2015 11:28 am


A few weeks ago The Glue celebrated its two year anniversary and our co-founders Neille and Paula took the team out to lunch. On the way out of the restaurant, they asked me what I had enjoyed doing the most so far. I was hired a little over two months ago, originally to do project management, but have since worn a few different hats including account strategy, business analysis, and web development. While my long-term goal was to become the agency’s in-house developer, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly and was still enjoying learning the various roles.

I gave them my honest answer: I feel more confused about my career path than I ever have.

Not surprisingly, they seemed a bit taken aback by this. Truthfully, I was even surprised at how candid and honest I had just been. But it got me thinking: the fact that I could even share my feelings of uncertainty and discomfort meant I was in the right place and on the right path.

Late last year, I took the plunge that I had been considering for years but was terrified of following through with: I left my secure high paying job in Super Serious Corporate America to join a startup in an industry that I had little experience in. I had completed a few tutorials on Treehouse and taught myself HTML/CSS in elementary school to build Dragonball Z and Star Wars websites on Angelfire, but had absolutely no business calling myself a developer.

Despite all that, I shipped my humble portfolio around, had a few meetings with recruiters, and eventually met with Neille and Paula. Within a half hour of discussing The Glue’s objectives and what I could potentially bring to the table, I knew that I had found the perfect place to be mentored and to learn the ropes of this completely unfamiliar world of digital agencies.

While I have no stories of defining moments and knowing exactly where my life would be headed or narratives on pursuing a noble cause to change the world and disrupt industries, what I do have is an environment where I’m encouraged to be relentlessly curious and constantly uncomfortable. With these pieces in place I’m confident that I’m on my way to someday having those stories of my own.

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