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March 13th, 2015 10:37 am


We are honoring the 25th birthday of our beloved Adobe Photoshop by celebrating its most maligned, but most secretly fun feature: filters!

We asked the Glue Crew, which Photoshop filter are you and why?

Nick Swardt, UX Designer
Find Edges
“I identify the crucial elements.”

Jamie Mayer, Agency Coordinator / Video Producer
Glowing Edges
“My aura is strong!”

Victor Hwang, Art Director / ACD
Reduce Noise
“I get rid of the unnecessary.”

Joe Cuanan, PM / Developer
“Binary only please.”

Paula Campos, Chief Perfectionist
Lens Flare
“I bring shine and polish wherever I go.”

Neille, Chief Storyteller
Sharpen More
“I tell it like it is, and then some.”

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