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From Loan Analyst to PM to Web Dev!

April 15th, 2015 4:16 pm

A lot of us at The Glue have had non-linear, or what I would rather call interesting career paths. Not only is it much easier to completely change careers these days, in some respects it seems rare not to. We hired our latest addition to The Glue family, Joe Cuanan, as a PM. Granted he had no PM experience coming from mortgage company, but we just knew a good fit when we saw it. It was clear right away that Joe hungered for other challenges. Especially as he set out to automate his PM job through Slack and Trello. Then he built our site. He did that so well we asked him to build one for a client. And the rest is history.

He used Treehouse to learn many of his kick-ass dev skills and we are thankful and excited for him to learn many more. The folks at Treehouse interviewed him about his experience there and how it’s possible to do a 180 in a matter of months if you have the drive: Joe Learned to Code & Transitioned into a Career He’s Passionate About

Good job Joe!


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