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Technology Is Only as Helpful as We Are

June 3rd, 2015 10:00 am


Is Shuddle the school bus of the future or is it just a limo service for fancy toddlers? Is Munchery a nutritious alternative to fast food or is it just another meal delivery service for foodies? Sometimes it feels like technology is out of touch with anyone who isn’t a rich techie. In a recent article in the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo questions whether tech companies that aim to help the masses on the free forum of the Internet ultimately reach the privileged few who can afford to pay for luxury services.

How well a service actually serves others depends on how well it’s executed.

It’s The Glue’s philosophy to create meaningful experiences for our clients and their audiences, whoever they may be. It helps that many of our clients are already in the business of helping people in the real world. Our job is to figure out how they can do it better online. While we’re burning the midnight oil to make our clients’ lives easier, we’re making sure that the end user of whatever we build—whether it be an app, a website, or an ad campaign—will benefit from our expertise.

We’ve learned to dig a little deeper to find out what people really need.


When fitness personality Denise Austin came to us for help with her website, our market research showed that the hardest part of sticking to a diet and fitness program wasn’t the difficulty of the exercises or the restrictions on food—it was staying motivated, in part because most people don’t the time or the money to hire a personal trainer to cheer them on. We gave Denise’s site a complete overhaul in user experience, design, copy and technical development to make working out at home more like having Denise as a personal trainer and the rest of the online community as a support group. Now Denise can replenish the site with shopping lists, recipes and workout videos to keep the program as fresh and exciting as a personal trainer would at the gym, and everyone working out at home can use the site to reach out to each other for support.

It’s not all limo rides and personal trainers over here—we help people with the hard stuff, too.


Our clients at the OSU James Cancer Hospital see their patients through some of the most difficult moments in their lives. Known for cutting-edge research and compassionate care, the hospital is one of the nation’s premier cancer centers for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. The website should remind the patients that they’re in good hands, especially since the Internet is such a minefield of misinformation when it comes to medicine. We redesigned the site to include new style and tone guidelines that guide visitors through their treatment process with content, copy and imagery that patients and caregivers can trust.

What about help just getting through the day?


For The Irvine Company we are currently engaged in a host of projects that make managing an unparalleled portfolio of real estate achievable. Whether it’s a tool for leasing directors to search the hundreds of properties across California and the country easily and intuitively, allowing leasing consultants at apartment communities to take control of their sales responsibilities or the simple needs of an ever-expanding IT help department, we have built experiences that consider each interaction an opportunity to make someone’s day a little bit easier and more efficient.

We aim to make a difference in people’s lives, and we know we’ve hit our target when our clients succeed. Right now, we’re working on an innovative IVF app that will help couples navigate assisted reproductive technologies. In the future, we hope to build even more practical tools to achieve our clients’ highest ideals.


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